What Makes a Team Go From Good to Great?

I was coaching a client recently who asked me, "what can I do to improve my team's performance?" In my experience as a coach, this is a very common question.

4 Steps to Make a Better Argument

Chances are there will come a time when you need to influence a decision maker.  Examples can include asking the decision maker to promote you, assign you to a larger

4 Things You Can Do to Limit Negative Self-Talk

As a coach, people let me into their world and their thinking.  A recurring theme that I witness is a habit of negative self-talk.    We all can call ourselves an "idiot"

Use the Strengths Mindset to Achieve Success

Have you ever been in a job where you wanted more? Have you ever been asked to develop your weakness? Do you, or someone you know struggle to find their passion and

Managing Weakness – Part 2

In the previous post, “Managing Your Weaknesses – Part 1” I introduced 5 strategies for managing weakness but didn’t elaborate much. In case you missed the post they are: Identify Your

Managing Weakness – Part 1

Strengths development works because it speaks to what is BEST in us. Therefore, if  you want to create excellence, have fulfillment and success you need to intentionally focus and invest in

Strengths and the Alphabet

Historians believe that the invention of written language occurred as humanity shifted from hunter-gatherers to farming based societies. They speculate that these advanced societies were more complex than those of