In December, the weather in New England changes from fall to winter. Less than a week after Thanksgiving a storm came through my neighborhood. The storm dropped snow, sleet and freezing rain.

My mother who had flown up from Florida and who was staying at my house for the extended holiday said in response to the nasty weather, “I’m so glad I no longer have to put up with this kind of weather.”

Freezing Rain

With an ice-storm even walking to the mailbox can become an exercise if life and death as you can fall with a simple step. This is not to say anything about how treacherous driving becomes.

And such is the paradox of life that an ice-storm is one of the treasures of New England. The ice that coats every leaf and branch turns everything into a work of beauty.

The forest becomes a place of wonder, a palace of ice.

It takes your breath away.

Mark Twain, one of the most famous American writers once described the morning after an ice-storm in his book Follow the Equator:

“The sun climbs higher, and still higher, flooding the tree from its loftiest spread of branches to its lowest, turning it to a glory of white fire…the most radiant spectacle, the most blinding spectacle, the divinest, the most exquisite, the most intoxicating vision of fire and color and intolerable and unimaginable splendor that ever any eye has rested upon in this world, or will ever rest upon outside of the gates of heaven…”

– Following the Equator , Mark Twain

Life is Like a Storm

Life can be difficult. There are times in my life where it felt like I was going through a storm of the soul. You can find yourself feeling desperate and anxious, uncertain about the future.

This is certainly true for those who become entrepreneurs who must head into uncertainty willingly.

If you are going through a storm right now I honor your struggle. I don’t want to give you some pithy advice.

Pushing Forward

But when I reflect on my own state of mind during the hardest times I do acknowledge an inner resilience to push forward.

Life continues and one day succeeds the next. You fight and struggle and a new day dawns.

And one day you wake up and life is beautiful. The storm is past and in the morning light, you’re grateful and in awe of the beauty around you.