Strengths development works because it speaks to what is BEST in us.

Therefore, if  you want to create excellence, have fulfillment and success you need to intentionally focus and invest in areas that you are strong.

For instance, at some point in your Strengths journey you will ask yourself:  “Should I ignore my weaknesses?” The answer is simply No.

Remember What Happened to the Space Shuttle Challenger

January 28th, 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger was scheduled to launch. The press dubbed the launch,  “The Education Launch” because teachers throughout the country were encouraged to have their students watch the event live.  For example, here’s a good video on Youtube that chronicals what happened.

The shuttle exploded dramatically, killing all seven crew on board. The shock and horror are seared forever in my memory.

In conclusion, the investigation of the Shuttle’s accident concluded that the shuttle’s the O-ring was the weakness that caused the accident.

This is how dangerous it is to ignore one’s weakness.

Without proper attention, it can create a disaster. To achieve and maintain excellence one must prevent failure. The prevention of failure is a necessary, but not sufficient for excellence.

The Truth Is Managing Your Weakness Prevents Failure

The elimination of failure does not create excellence any more than spell checking a paper doesn’t create an excellent paper. However, before the accident,  the nation perceived NASA’s space shuttle programas a stellar example of America’s pioneering spirit, ingenuity, and vision.

Above all, the men and woman of the program spent their careers building a program that represented American excellence. Therefore, with its reputation now tarnished, people began to question the very reason and expense of the shuttle program.

So how can you manage your weakness and prevent failure in your own performance?

5 Strategies to Managing Weakness

1. Identify Your Weaknesses
2. Self-Disclose
3. Find a Partner
4. Use a Process/System
5. Innovate with Your Strengths

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