I imagine that you’re reading this because you want something in your life and your willing to see if there is someone who can help. Perhaps it’s me.  Are you wondering how you can quit a corporate career?    Perhaps my story will resonate with you.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

In the first part of my life and career, I tried to adapt and succeed in the system. You know what I mean…the traditional system of trading time for money.  Trying to prove yourself to a boss.  Hoping for a raise and/or promotion.  Here’s a link to my LinkedIn Profile.

I spent most of my 30s and 40s as a human resources (HR) professional trying to climb the corporate ladder.   A big part of my job was to coach professionals in improving their performance, and to be more successful in their jobs.

I worked in HR and rose to a middle manager and it seemed no matter what I did I couldn’t go any farther.  The road ended, the door shut, the was no next rung in the ladder.

Trust me, the irony of my story is not lost.  I was a career coach who couldn’t advance his career.

If you feel stuck in your career then you know that it can sap your self-confidence.  You start to question your worth.  I felt stuck like I didn’t have options. It also causes you to question your path and begin to wonder…is there anything else I can do?

Have You Ever Had to Endure a Boss Who Made You Feel Like You are Not Enough?

My corporate career also taught me that when you are an employee you are living someone else’s dream.  And for me, at times that dream became my nightmare.

Every few years they would reorganization and I would be wondering “am I going to lose my job.”   If you are like me, and you have a family, and debts you are only a few paychecks from disaster.  I couldn’t sleep.

And at times your boss can make your life hell.  I am a creative person and my boss gave feedback one day…”Justin, you have so many creative ideas, but I only want the practical ones.”

When she said this I didn’t know how to respond. It’s like telling a home run hitter that you only want base hits (baseball analogy).  It’s like saying…”be someone else.”

I know I’m not perfect, but I got to be me.  And you?  Have you ever had a boss who made you feel like you are not enough?

“How I Can Stop Reacting to Life and Begin to Take Control?”

In 2016, the ax finally fell, and the organization re-organized. The company eliminated my position and gave me a severance package.   As terrified as I was, I also knew it was the universe telling me it’s time to move on.

You see, I was starting to wake up.  I listened to alternative voices on YouTube and Gaia.tv like Abraham Hicks, Marie Sheldon, David Hawkins, Ekhart Tolle, and Alan Watts, Regina Meredith, David Wilcocks, and Sean Stone.

I asked myself…”how I can stop reacting to life and begin to take control?”  It was time to break away from the old rigid and stifling system and wake up.

“Nay-sayers Be Damned.”

My wife and I also became distrustful of the education system as well and decided to pull our two boys out of the school system and become homeschoolers.  Most of our family thought we were crazy.  It takes courage to think for yourself about what is right and forge your own path.  “Nay-sayers be damned.”

Becoming an Entrepreneur

At this time my wife had started a small business that grew into the largest business of its kind in our area.  While having my own part-time coaching practice, I did a lot of the back end business for her.

This experience has taught me many important lessons. First, I learned that I am good at marketing but not good at directly selling my coaching service.

Secondly, I learned through my wife’s business that it is possible to start and grow a business to the point where you no longer have to trade time for money.

But I also learned that running a small business has lots of risks.  Risks that also can make you lose sleep.

I needed to find an alternative income source that met the following criteria.

  1. Didn’t require I commute and trade time for money
  2. Didn’t require a large up-front investment
  3. Flexible, so I had time to homeschool my boys
  4. Aligned with my passions and interests
  5. Something that I could own and grow over time

This post is getting long so I’ll save the story of how I found affiliate marketing (or it found me) for another time.


If you are still reading this I imagine that you want to find a solution to your problem.  Perhaps you want to quit a corporate career and don’t know how.

Perhaps your stuck in a career and need to find direction or an alternative.  Perhaps you want more abundance or freedom in your life.

I hope that my story has given you some inspiration to quit a corporate career and to find the courage and direction to do what needs to be done.  If you need some inspiration I encourage you to read my other blog posts: “Quit Corporate and Start Your Own Business”