Focus on Strength

So how do you find what you love? The key lies in understanding your uniqueness. You see, unless you value your uniqueness you will never discover what you love. But this is not easy because we compare ourselves to those around us in every chance we get. This is pointless. Which is better, an orange or an apple? A pencil or a pen? Your answer may be "It depends." "If I need to erase what I write I'll use a pencil. I don't like oranges so I choose apples. And so you would be right for what ever you choose. The same is for who you are. If who you are is seen to be useful. Then your uniqueness is awesome and needed. But if lwho you are is seldom appreciated or seen as useful, then its not so great.

We can not help but gain our value from the perception of others. But what if I could show you that your value is not determined by teh opinion of others. What if I could show you taht you determine your value. And that your value lies in who you really are, instead of who you are not. You see the key lies in understanding the story you key Top 5 signature themes wants to tell you. And it's a powerful story that tells you whoo you really are. Very simply your signature theme is something that you really desire, a deep seated yearning. It is the place where you feel the most alive, connected, timeless, powerful. It is where you find your real purpose. This desire creates an action. Best of all you learn quickly. Once that yearning is realized a deep sense of satisfaction is experienced and you feel happy. And as you do it again and again a strength is developed as knowledge and experience are added.

In the places where we don't get to follow our yearning, our companions become apathy and resentment. We feel stupid, frustrated, inadequate, and not very talented. Each signature theme represents a different yearning, and so we want differen things at different times and in different ways. Some yearnings are met, and some are not, that is why we appear to be very complex. But here is the great news. Blended together, this arrrangement gives your uniqueness and your potential value, your fingure print. When you take the time to turn this uniqueness into something useful you will become indespensable, priceless, talented. You see we all have something to offer. it is your destiny. It is your right. Comparing yourself to others is therefore pointless. you see the world has never seen the likes of you before. So what would you like to do with it? So take the time to discover who you really are and who you want to become. you matter you have greatness within you.