Interview with Lorenzo Leite

Interview with Youtuber Lorzeno Leite

Lorenzo started his youtube channel Lego Spongebob in 2013 when we was 12 years old. His 5th video went viral and got millions of views and launched his

Strengths to MBTI Converter 2

This tool is a result of an statistical analysis that was described in detail: see the previous post: Strengths Correlations with the MBTI The Strengths to MBTI Converter takes the results

Strengths Correlations with the MBTI

The MBTI is the most ubiquitous personality profile assessment.  In fact, the MBTI changed my life. Upon taking it for the first time I realized that I was faulting myself

Find Your Team Trust Score

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. On teams, trust is a currency that can speed a group of people towards a goal and help them enjoy the ride, along

5 Factors of a Healthy Team

The best book on building an effective team is by far Patrick Lencioni's "5 Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable" (2002).  He also elaborates on his model in his

Being Strategic

Have you ever been challenged to "be more strategic?"  Have you ever wondered what this ability actually means? If you were asked to give an example of someone being strategic could

Strengths to MBTI Converter

The Strengths to MBTI Converter takes the results of Gallup's StrengthsFinder Full 34 "Theme Sequence" and calculates the corresponding MBTI profile. The converter looks at individual Strengths that correspond to the