In my previous article: “Labor Day: Lessons for Entrepreneurs”, I talked about how being a successful entrepreneur means breaking from the pack and going solo. Being a successful entrepreneur is to charge headfirst into uncertainty.

Consequently, entrepreneurs need to have skills in managing fear about the future and overcoming regrets from the past.

Be present and stop worrying about the future.

I know this sounds a bit “easier said than done” but it doesn’t make the practice any less valuable.  

The single best resource on this topic, hands down is Ekhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”.  I prefer the audio version.

You can listen to him talk for free on Youtube here

Without sounding too preachy, Ekhart’s teaching has given me tangible skills in grounding myself when my mind is out of control.

In essence, being present is to ground the mind in the Now and out of its constant machinations and cognitions that causes so much anxiety.

One of my favorite techniques is to appreciate the beautiful.

Perhaps this sounds trite to you but when I see something beautiful it is a reminder to myself to become present.

At that moment I am aware of the beauty of the thing and aware of my awareness. It feels good and I at that moment I am no longer agitated by my mind or worrying about the future.

Today, the doorbell rang a salesman was soliciting at my door. I was annoyed because it happens quite frequently where I live. While talking to him I saw in the distance a beautiful cloud formation illumined by the setting sun.

The site pulled me into the present moment and my annoyance at having a solicitor at my door subsided.

Ekhart offers many practical exercises in being present that you can do anywhere and at any time.

In the past, if I am ever gripped by fear of the future I use these techniques (and others) to become more present.

Is fear about the future, or mistakes from the past preventing you from pursuing your dreams?

So let’s live for today.  The present moment is the only time where we can determine the steps we’ll take.  

Becoming an entrepreneur is more than building a business, it’s about living your best life and developing into the best version of you. It means overcoming fear and unlocking the power within.

By learning Presence one has an important tool for becoming a successful entrepreneur.