Beauty in the Storm

In December, the weather in New England changes from fall to winter. Less than a week after Thanksgiving a storm came through my neighborhood. The storm dropped snow,
Over-coming Fear

Overcoming Fear

The moment a person realizes that they no longer want to be an employee and no longer work for someone else and venture out on their own they a beginning a process that will require them to face their own fears. For most people, fear keeps them from pursuing their dreams. Entrepreneurs are people who have overcome their personal fears, summoned their courage and started the journey.
Interview with Lorenzo Leite

Interview with Youtuber Lorzeno Leite

Lorenzo started his youtube channel Lego Spongebob in 2013 when we was 12 years old. His 5th video went viral and got millions of views and launched his
Should Aspiring Entrepreneurs Go To College

Should Aspiring Entrepreneurs Go To College?

In my practice, I have coached hundreds of college students to become career-ready. Many of whom are aspiring entrepreneurs and have a lifetime goal of owning their own business. There plan
home business

The 3 Best Businesses to Start from Home

Working from home provides the flexibility to build a lifestyle that fits with your needs and values.  Here are the best types of businesses to start and run from your
Justin Birtwell - Quit a Corporate Career

How I Quit a Corporate Career

I imagine that you're reading this because you want something in your life and your willing to see if there is someone who can help. Perhaps it’s me.  Are you