Discover Your Strengths


Have you ever thought about what causes people to be successful?  Or more importantly what would propel your own success?

Some common concepts include

  1. Its not what you know, but who you know.
  2. Grit and hard work.
  3. Love what you do.

While each of these are valid they don't adequately create the road map most people crave.  For example: what can you do if you don't know the right people, have worked hard and seem to be stuck, or can't find something you love?

Beyond these common ideas on success are the popular principles outlined in the famous book "7 Habits of Highly Successful People" by Stephen R. Covey, Sr.  These principles are time tested, and I encourage everyone to read the book.  What all these principles miss is incredibly key component.  You.

What I mean by that is that you are unique, what motivates you, what activates your inner passions is unique to you.  Principles are objective realities while you are a collection of subjective experiences and abilities.

Don Clifton the creator of Clifton Strengths, and the author of the Book "Soaring with Your Strengths" starts the book with a parable.  Imagine a school for all the animals of the forest and on the first day the teacher tells the young fox, baby bunny, baby chick, and tiny tadpole the key to survival is knowing how to fly.  By this measure, the baby bunny, young fox and tiny tadpole will ever by striving for a standard the ignores their unique and powerful abilities.

Our own schools and books on success preach this false gospel about comparing your performance to some standard that society has deemed valuable.

In this course I will introduce you to the key to unlocking your passions, your power, your unique abilities.  While the methods I will outline are proven scientifically as valid and reliable, more importantly you can test their validity by your own experience.

The course is broken into 8 parts.  In each chapter you will be given the ability to reflect on the ideas presented and record your responses on the page.  These responses will be saved into the system should want to return or discuss them with a coach or loved one.