ENTP (Blue/Red) Career


executive [business, financial services, healthcare, entertainment]◆financial planner◆hotel manager ◆investment banker◆broker/securities sales agent◆management consultant◆new business development specialist◆property manager◆financial analyst ◆sales manager◆training and development specialist◆venture capitalist(inquisitive, take initiative, compelling interest in everything around you, insightful, open to new andunusual opportunities, quick on your feet).


advertising director◆business manager[artists, entertainers, athletes]◆writer◆editor◆journalist◆literary agent◆public relations director/publicist◆ talk show host◆stage/film producer◆web developer/designer (high intellectual energy, love of excitement and challenge, responsive to new opportunities, clever, enjoy company of influential people).

Computer/Information Technology

computer analyst/engineer/programmer◆computer security specialist/ in-formation and systems manager◆Internet strategic partnerships specialist◆network integration specialist◆systems analyst(provides variety of projects, creation of new products and solutions, autonomy, opportunity to brainstorm, problem solving, flexible environment, need for unconventional methods).


athletic coach◆professor/teacher[upper levels] (high intellectual energy, flexible environments, see both sides of issues, quick on your feet, prefer logic).


inventor◆restaurant/bar owner◆small business owner(make tough decisions, flexible entrepreneurial atmosphere, turn innovative ideas into reality, responsive to new opportunities and unusual ideas, contagious enthusiasm, freedom, quick on your feet).

Health Science/Psychology

emergency room doctor/surgeon◆family practitioner◆internist◆psychiatrist (variety, autonomy, flexible environment, quick on your feet, high intellectual energy, problem solving).


politician/political manager◆regional/urban planner (quickly see possibilities of new situations, provide clear analysis to issues, generate many options, strategic and long-range thinking, enjoy company of powerful and influential people)


lawyer[especially bankruptcy, immigration, litigation, mergers and acquisitions,intellectual property, among others] (analytical ability, insightful, see both sides of issues, quick on your feet, enjoy company of influential people)


architect ◆detective◆industrial engineer ◆industrial psychologist(high standards, clear analytical ability, love excitement and challenge, insightful,always looking to increase competence, ability to debate from both sides of an issue, autonomy, responsibility for own projects, quick on your feet).

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