ISFJ (Gold/Green) Careers


bookkeeper ◆convention planner◆customer service manager ◆human re-sources specialist◆insurance underwriter/agent ◆lobbyist ◆marketing executive[radio, television] ◆office manager ◆private banker ◆performing arts administrator ◆public relations specialist◆real estate agent/manager◆salesperson [tangible products] ◆service sales representatives ◆small business owner (human interaction, organizational skills, straight forwardand diplomatic communication, service career orientation).

Creative/Other Services

antique dealer◆caterer◆cosmetologist◆court reporter◆desktop publisher◆fashion designer◆flight attendant◆hairdresser◆interior designer◆jeweler◆librarian◆landscape designer◆museum conservator◆paralegal◆personal trainer/exercise instructor◆proofreader◆travel agent (service career orientation, eye for detail, interaction with people, affirming of others,keen aesthetic sense).


school administrator◆guidance counselor◆teacher [preschool, elementary,home economics, special education, some post secondary] (meaningful contribution to society, respect for rules, professional respect, service career orientation).

Health Science

anesthesiologist◆biomedical technologist◆chiropractor◆dental hygienist/lab technician◆dentist◆dietitian ◆exercise physiologist◆hospice nurse◆hospital administrator◆nurse/nursing instructor ◆optometrist◆pediatrician◆pharmacist◆primary care/family physician/physician assistant◆public health educator ◆speech pathologist◆radiologic technologist◆therapists of all types[occupational, physical, radiation, respiratory, speech],veterinarian/vet assistant(high levels of competence, professional respect,service career orientation, observant of details, curious about people, putpeople at ease, ensuring welfare of others).

Human Services

advocacy leader ◆childcare center director◆community welfare worker ◆counselor [career, child welfare, employee assistance, family, substance abuse]◆fundraiser/institutional solicitor ◆religious leader [clergy, rabbi, religious educator] ◆social worker(service career orientation, human interaction, affirming of others, help stabilize others, professional respect, contribute meaningfully to society, respect for tradition)Law/Hospitality/Small


innkeeper/motel manager ◆lawyer[limited interest in but include children,consumer affairs, domestic and health care] ◆retail owner/manager(service career orientation, interaction with people, diplomatic, observant of details, ensuring welfare of others)

Zichy, S., & Bidou, A. (2007). Career Match : Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do. New York: AMACOM.