ISFP (Red/Green) Careers


artist [painter, sculptor, illustrator, animator] ◆actor/performer ◆audio visual specialist◆broadcaster ◆costume/wardrobe/set designer◆crafts person ◆dancer ◆entertainment agent[actor/performer] ◆fashion designer ◆graphic designer◆jeweler ◆film/DVD editor◆photographer ◆talent director ◆web designer/art director (allow the use of artistic talents to produce concrete and usable products).

Animal Care

animal breeder/groomer/trainer◆pet store owner◆veterinarian◆veterinary technician◆zoologist (draw on sensitivity to animals and their physical and emotional needs).


business owner◆business coach/diversity manager◆insurance appraiser/claim investigator◆lawyer[not highly represented but found mostly in children, entertainment, real estate, poverty, and trial specialties]◆mediator◆retail merchandise buyer◆product designer◆public relations specialist(draw on need to provide people with practical service and products).

Computer/Information Technology

computer game programmer◆software engineer◆support specialist (abil-ity to combine design and technical skills).

Education/Human Services

child care worker◆community service◆health educator◆social worker◆counselor◆ rehabilitation counselor◆substance abuse counselor◆religious leader◆teacher [lower grades, special education, music, drama, art] (enjoy counseling or teaching and have rapport-building skills).

Emergency Services/Government

crisis center worker◆firefighter◆paramedic◆police officer (variety, change,and need for quick response in high-stress situations).

Health Science

anesthesiologist◆chiropractor◆dental assistant/hygienist◆diagnostic sonographer◆ dietitian◆elderly home care◆gynecologist◆lab technician◆mas-sage therapist◆nurse[especially emergency room]◆optometrist◆pediatrician◆personal fitness trainer◆pharmacist◆therapist[physical, occupational, recreational, respiratory]◆primary care physician◆radiologic technician◆speech pathologist(observing concrete details of the body and practical methods for getting well, helping the sick deal with uncomfortableand frightening situations).


athletes of all types◆chef/food service manager◆innkeeper owner/manager◆restaurant host/hostess◆tour agent (provide variety and frequent small crises requiring pragmatic response).

Real Estate

land developer◆property manager (fast-moving business).


antique dealer◆cosmetologist◆flight attendant◆florist◆gardener/landscape designer◆hairdresser◆interior decorator◆museum curator (focus on beauty, nature, and personal service).

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