Sometimes we get stuck in thinking about the options before us.  Mind mapping is a tool to generate ideas and becoming unstuck.  The purpose of this fun activity to unlock the limits we set for ourselves and generate creative ideas.  Do not take this activity too seriously.  The purpose is not to determine your life’s purpose but rather image a world of possibilities.  You live in a world of abundance, not scarcity.


  1. Download and Print the attached document. [fun-with-possibilities. pdf]
  2. In the center of each sheet write a word or phrase that captures something that you like to do, or a subject that you find fascinating. Draw a circle around each phrase or word.
  3. Draw 3 or 4 lines off of the circle and write something related to that interest or activity.  Draw a circle around each.
  4. Draw 2-3 lines of each sub-activity and write something related to that sub-activity.  You should now a have 6 to 12 circles on the page.
  5. Looking at all the ideas on the page draw a box around 2 that standout to you.
  6. At the bottom of the page
  7. Repeat for all 4 pages.
  8. Respond to the questions below.
1Download and print worksheet
2Complete activity
3Respond to the questions below.
4Take a picture of your mind maps and email them to me.


Fun Job Titles

Enter the job titles here that you created in the mind map activity.


Click here to enter your reflections. What impact did this activity have? What is you take-away?