Write a short reflection on both your WorkView and LifeView.  Spend about 30 minutes per question.

1Complete the question on your Life View
2Complete the question on your Work View



In what way are they aligned and complement each other? In what way do they conflict? Does one drive the other?
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Life View

What is your LifeView? What does it mean to "have a good life?" What is the purpose of having a life? At your funeral what do you want people to say about you? Is there some higher power greater than yourself? What roles does this power have on you? What are your responsibilities to others (family, friends, colleagues, society)?
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Work View

Why work? Does work have a purpose? What is the difference between work and play? Should one have a work self and your home self? Describe work that is "worthwhile"? What role does money play? What is the best kind of work? What is the worst kind of work?
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