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I don't know about you, but for me life can back you into a corner in which the only way is to move forward.   

I spent 20 years working in the system as an organizational learning professional.  The last 10 years in a human resources department for global non-profit serving the rights and needs of children.  Basically this means I helped people through training and coaching to perform better at work.   

There were times when the work was really meaningful.  But at the end I felt small, backed into a corner, not living up to my own potential, thwarted in my level of success and wanted to build a life on my terms.  I felt trapped and wanted out.

Someone once said: 

"If you don't have big dreams and goals you'll end up working for someone who does."

I quit that career and started my own coaching and consulting practice.  Life as a consultant does mean that you can begin to have more freedom.  For example, my wife and I decided at this time to home-school our children.  

I enjoyed coaching people and still do on a part-time basis.  I specialize in helping people identify talents and inner-resources.

But life as a consultant also means you are still trading time for money, and limited by the number of clients you can source and service at anyone point.  With the needs of my family growing I knew that I needed a long term plan for financial freedom.  Again it felt like life had cornered me to reinvent myself.  I had big dreams for myself and my family.  The search to build a  life on my terms continued.  

Time to move forward.  

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After supporting my wife build a successful and profitable therapy business I knew that...

 the only way to truly live life on your own terms is to own your own business.

I started looking into different ways to make money online.  There are so many!  Then one night I saw a video on youtube of a guy named Tim who told a story of being a 20 year corporate attorney who had successfully made the transition to having a successful online business. 

I contacted Tim and he told me he wanted to help me do it myself.  He sent me a video series made by his mentor Stuart Ross. After watching these video everything changed. I created my own online business as affiliate marketer. 

Having an online affiliate business has given me a focus to finally build a life of abundance, freedom and fulfillment.

I am now at a point in my journey where I want help people do the same.

I write a blog called Your Success Journey on becoming an entrepreneur, unlocking your potential and building a life of abundance, freedom and fulfillment.

In addition to running an online affiliate business I continue to coach people who are stuck in their career and looking for new direction.

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