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Trust Score

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Mistrust Score

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Interpreting Your Results

Trust Scores above 75% and Mistrust scores below 25% indicate a cohesive and likely high performing team. With this level of trust team members should feel freer to hold each other to be mutually accountable.

Trust Score below 75% and Mistrust scores above 25% indicate that some work needs to be done to improve trust on the team. Suggested interventions include:

  • Group discussions about trust
  • Personality profiles (StrengthsFinder, MBTI, DISC, etc).
  • Team building events
  • Honoring trusting behaviors/ Honoring vulnerability behaviors
  • Sharing stories of origin
  • Acknowledging contributions and talents

If you want help building trust on your team contact me at I have helped many teams get unstuck, find greater cohesion and discover untapped potential.

Have Your Whole Team Take the Team Trust Assessment!

Compare your individual results to the team.  Aggregate the results for all the members of your team.

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Individual Responses

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