Give your team a boost.

Workshops to meet the unique needs of your team.

Different teams have different needs based on their stage of development. According to Bruce Tuckman team formation usually follows easily recognizable stages, known as "forming,storming, norming, and performing." .  From my experience the development needs of a team break down along the first three stages: Forming, Storming, Norming.

I offer 3 different workshops based upon each of these needs.


Building a High Performing Team (forming) - is an ideal workshop for teams that have many new members especially a new team leader.  The objective of this workshop is to integrate new members into the team, align members to team norms and goals as well as and start on a positive footing.

Duration: I offer half day and full day workshops.

Strengthening a High Performing Team (storming) - Disputes among passionate team members is part of the performance process. It is not only expected but necessary, in some cases, in order for all ideas to be fully vetted in the decision-making process.  This workshop is recommended for teams who want to move beyond the storming stage, build more trust and cohesion between team members.

Duration: Half day and Full-day options

Boosting a High Performing Team (norming)  - Some teams are already operating cohesively at high level and are simply looking to enhance a team retreat or take their team performance to the next level.  This workshop uses the tools and methods of the "Strengths" movement along with many fun and engaging activities.  The team will walk away with the potential to perform at their highest level.

Duration: half day