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"The untapped potential in the human race is the world's single greatest renewable resource."

-Curt Leisveld (1951-2015), Gallup master coach, strengths pioneer

knowledgeable and results oriented

I had never worked with a coach before, so this was a new experience for me. What I loved about working with Justin is that he is a valuable resource, knowledgeable and results oriented. He not only is a great listener and processor, he gave me helpful perspectives and practical advice as well. I was in the midst of a career transition and Justin was very helpful to me in ascertaining my next career move and in helping to clarify priorities. I’d highly recommend Justin. It was a great experience for me — and fun also!

Tom Gibbons
Vice President
Catholic Relief Services

Encouraging, Inspiring, and Worthwhile

Over the last 2-3 months, I have participated in coaching sessions with Justin. The coaching sessions were all very impactful and amazing from start to end. Each coaching session has given me the boost to acknowledge my talent, skills, and strength that should be consistently put to use. I admire how transparent and encouraging the coaching sessions were with Justin. Thanks for the constant motivation that pushed me to heights I never thought possible. I would have procrastinated or never taken the steps to pursue other opportunities within Save the Children, so thanks for all the guidance. I look to continue exploring opportunities and constantly think of ways to self-develop. I am evolving into an amazing leader because of support from individuals like you. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do. Look to hear great things about, Travis soon!

Travis Evans
School Age Program Specialist
Save the Children

maximizing my performance

Justin helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about maximizing my performance at my current role and also invest my focus on my greater career goals by challenging me to develop new ways of leading people. But maybe, the true benefits to Justin’s coaching was that he provided frank and neutral advice while allowing me to talk about how to grow personally and professionally and build on my ideas while maintaining sensitivity and diligence toward everyday tasks.

Dearta Fusaro
Save the Children International

encouraging & empowering

My coaching sessions with Justin were insightful, encouraging, empowering, and motivating. Justin is an excellent listener and counselor and was very helpful in clarifying my strengths, which in turn answered questions about my interests and potential. In a very patient and kind way, he gave me permission to step out of my comfort zone and take specific steps that almost immediately expanded my network and professional opportunities. Thanks, Justin!

Kimberly Doll
Manager, Global Sponsorship
Save the Children

provides actionable insight and, most importantly, he genuinely cares

It was a privilege to be engaged in the workshops being conducted by Justin, in addition having an opportunity for one on ones. For some strange reason, I connected with him as a friend instantaneously and thought that I could trust him and speak with him about myself.

He is incredibly patient, listens intently, never judges, provides actionable insight and, most importantly, he genuinely cares. I feel lucky to have met him and would recommend him to anyone seeking support to think positively about themselves, to grow and to make concrete decisions.

Dr Rajat Goyal
Country Director India
Int'l Aids Vaccine Initiative

wonderfully structured

The coaching sessions are wonderfully structured and quite effective. The sessions have helped me identify my strengths, and guided me on how to apply these strengths to improve my leadership skills. Secondly, the sessions have helped me get clarity on my vision and how to communicate this vision effectively to my team, and more broadly within and outside my organization.

Daniel Ochiel, Director of Laboratory Programs (Africa)
International Aids Vaccine Initiative

I benefited more than I thought…

One-on-one coaching session with Justin benefited me more than I had thought. Justin helped me on how to go about asking for a promotion and the end result is that I got it! Thanks, Justin.

Tina Ulman

"Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. "

-Swami Vivekandanda (1863-1902)