I work with mission-based organizations of all sizes primarily in the CT/NY region.

My clients fall into two categories. Which one are you?

I work with two primary groups: nonprofit human resources professionals who need tactical and strategic support, and nonprofit leaders who recognize the important role talent and culture play in achieving their strategic aims. Which one are you?

HR Professionals

The HR professionals (and HR teams) I work with often contact me for support on specific projects and strategic guidance on challenging issues. I add bench strength and expertise to their existing departments.

Do any of these questions apply to you?

  • How do I provide development opportunities to staff?
  • How do I retain and develop high potential talent?
  • How do I boost the performance of teams in conflict?
  • How do I up-skill managers?
  • How do I train new supervisors?

Some of the services my clients utilize most include:

  • Training
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Coaching for High Potential Talent
  • Recruiting

Mission Leaders

Many of the leaders realize that their organization does not have the needed HR capacity.  They look to me to create or strengthen a talent and culture strategy that aligns with their mission and overall strategic plan.

Do you ask yourself any of these question?

  • How do I build more trust on my senior team? between departments?
  • What healthy HR practices are we not doing?
  • How I can make sure we hire the right people that fit in with our culture?
  • How do I prevent the silo-ing of staff?

Some of the services these clients utilize most include:

  • Culture and Organizational Health Assessment
  • Talent Management Consulting
  • Employee Relations Outsourcing
  • HR Audit

Contact Me

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